FAQs - Instructions

*** During the summer, and any time when the tempature is over 80 degrees, do not leave Kits in your car unless it is in a  compartment out of direct heat. And do not leave chargers plugged into usb ports while in direct heat *** 

-----Getting Started---- 

1 - Unscrew top two portions of tank to expose where coil (make sure coil is tight) is  

2 - Place small ball of concentrate on top of the coils  

3 - Click button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn on battery (white light will flash)  

4 - Press down button and make sure concentrate is melting onto coils 

5 - Screw back on top portions of tank  

6 - Inhale through mouth piece and hold down button to use  

----For refilling---- 

unscrew tip of tank and drop tiny ball of concentrate through opening (try to stay around .1, not large amounts)  


Once battery dies the button will flash repeatedly  

To charge simply plug Micro USB charger into the bottom of the battery until the indicator light turns green. 

----Adjustable Heat Control---- 

This battery has three heat settings. To change heat setting click button 3 times quickly  

- Red - Low Heat ( 3.2 Volts )  *Reccomended 

- Purple- Medium heat ( 3.7 Volts ) 

- Blue- High heat ( 4.2 Volts ) 


Use q-tip with a little alchohol to clean battery contact ( top where tank screws onto ) and the USB charger connection. Dirty contacts will cause issues over time 

For the Bhomber tanks, since condensation will build over time, we advise that every 1-2 weeks they are cleaned. To do so, it is as simple as unscrewing all 3 pieces and either use an alchohol swab to clean all the threading and inside the  chamber, or place all pieces in a cup of rubbing alchohol ( 10 minutes ) and wipe with a paper towel/ rag  to detail. 

----Replacing Coils---- 

-You will know it is time to change your coil when it either is no longer heating up, or there is a significant performance drop  
-Although a coil may last a long time, we suggest replacing your coil every 2 weeks to insure peak perfomance at all times.  
-To replace the coil, simply unscrew the existing coil and screw in a fresh coil.  

----Troubleshooting Issues---- 

1. Battery light flashing without firing when charged 

Solution - First off, the main reason a battery will defect is from lack of cleaning properly. Please look up to "cleaning". If the light is flashing, this means there was either a defect with the charger, or the attached top piece is not making a good contact. One solution is to simply replace the coil.  Make sure all contacts are tight ( finger tight ) and if problem persists, please contact us. 

2. Tank will not completeley unscrew 

Solution - ( Reference "Cleaning" section for preventive care ) If this occurs, leave tank in rubbing alchohol overnight, and condensation should be cleared up and make it easy to dissassemble. Continue to clean every 1- 2 weeks